Construction Industry Jobs Need Workers

Construction Industry Jobs Need Workers

A whopping 92% of construction contractors find it difficult to hire workers, and close to 42% turn down the business due to the shortage of skilled workforce. There wasn’t ever a time when job sites didn’t have “Help Wanted” signs. But the career crisis seems to be increasing, and the challenge to staff job sites is for real.The situation is the same across the country, let alone Gainesville, Lake Lanier, Winder, Flowery Beach, and other areas within Hall County.


How Did We Get Here?


The Great Recession, COVID-19 pandemic, more focus on higher education, less emphasis on the trades, and degrading careers caused the number of workers to plummet. This is probably why the industry still struggles to attract the needed labor force.


But times are changing. Companies are set to hire more and more workers. Construction spending is likely to rise, resulting in an increased employment rate. And the level of development that is planned will certainly boost the number of construction workers.  


More Development = More Jobs


Within Hall County and surrounding areas, housing construction has regained momentum, and people are gradually filling positions.


Single-family home constructions in 2022 are increasing all across Gainesville and Hall County. Townhomes are seeing a surge, most likely for rental purposes. Flowery Branch’s downtown area is also seeing houses going up.


New construction is transforming cities as industry experts are building upon the “offering affordability” model. There’s a particular housing boom in Gainesville, GA. Both residential and commercial development are going strong in Gainesville and surrounding areas of Hall County.


Are You Ready?


The labor shortage is a pressing challenge in Gainesville-Hall County. But, businesses are coming up with creative incentives to attract more workers. Moreover, the spike in housing growth directly relates to doubled housing construction jobs.


If you seem to be looking for a residential or developmental construction job, now is the time to apply.


Companies are looking for people like you – where are you?