Is There a Teacher Shortage in Hall County?

Is There a Teacher Shortage in Hall County

As schools in Gainesville, GA and Hall County head into the new academic year, we can see unusually high teaching job vacancies. While the shortage of teaching staff isn’t dire, the slight deficit feels concerning compared to previous years.


Teacher Vacancies are Up

Hall County is growing. School has started back. Covid protocols are in place.  There is pressure to help students catch up and readjust.

But the rate at which current teachers are retiring and/or quitting is enormous, real, growing, and getting worse. The applicant pool is limiting, the recruiting efforts remain complicated, and hence the employment is very low in teaching.

It isn’t a very good sign for schools trying to recover from the consequences of the pandemic. A teacher shortage results in bigger class sizes and heavier workloads until the existing slots fill in. Also, hiring in special education schools has been particularly difficult.


The Back-Up Plan?

To fill up the teaching vacancies in Hall County, schools are calling back candidates they passed on before.

As part of the recovery plan, schools are also recruiting student teachers to ease the staffing shortage. It indicates that the nearing future of teaching could essentially lie in the hands of recent graduates.

Educational institutions are also hiring capable senior-year students on internship programs, offering full benefits but slightly less wages than any full-time teacher.

Even the Hall County School System is still filling teaching positions. If you stand eligible, you can grab the opportunity to make good money and gain incredible experience. Prior classroom experience will be a plus point for you.


Apply for Hall County Teacher Jobs with Us!

Teaching jobs are life-changing. In the current scenario, it is life-changing for both kids and the teachers themselves. To cover up the teacher shortage in the county and the resulting loss of learning, schools are recruiting eligible graduates and making plans to retain them. If you are looking for a similar opportunity, look no further; apply with us today.