Restaurants are Starving for Workers– Eagerly Looking to Recruit Job Seekers


The COVID-19 shutdown sent many workers back home for good. Some forcefully lost their jobs, while others prioritized safety over finances. However, businesses that survived the pandemic are now struggling to find people to work for them. Georgia restaurants are starving for workers even as the pandemic phase is fading out. Despite the loosening of COVID restrictions, the situation concerning restaurant employment doesn’t seem to get any better.


The Bigger Challenge


The pandemic flipped economies upside down, and the restaurant industry is no different. But despite the demand for the commodity, restaurants cannot open fully and are limiting working hours due to staffing shortages.


Yes, there is about a 15% shortage in Georgia currently. More than half of the workers in the Georgia restaurant industry have always been females. But as COVID hit, women took over their familial responsibilities, and men switched careers after layoffs. The pandemic forced many to leave their jobs, and they haven’t yet returned. Besides, they are scared to re-enter such a vulnerable sector.  


The pandemic was already scary. But, the aftermath is even more frightening as people are hungry, they are dining in, there is a demand for meal prep workers and servers, but finding enough employees to meet the pent-up demand is a bigger challenge.


Businesses are Battling Labor Shortages


Be it Gainesville Square, Braselton, Flowery Branch, Lula, or other areas surrounding the Hall County region; new eateries are blowing up. Hospitality employment is on the rise. Restaurant jobs in Gainesville and surrounding areas are growing. Companies are getting creative, offering incentives such as substantial sign-on bonuses or increased wages to sweeten the deal for job seekers and fill positions.


We are hopeful that the situation will change. As job-seeking students get out of school for their summer break, the restaurant workforce will be back in full swing.


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