The Poultry Industry Needs Employees

Poultry Industry

Just as there’s a massive demand for scrumptious chicken products in Gainesville, affectionately called the Chicken Capital of the World, there’s also a great need for workers in the poultry industry.


Gainesville is famous for its warm hospitality, magnificent landscapes, and, not to forget, the lip-smacking, finger-licking chicken. But the industry must sustain a larger workforce to keep going with its operations, which is currently lacking.


The Pre-Pandemic Situation


Talking about the Gainesville/Hall County employment rate, the poultry industry generated nearly 15,193 jobs in 2016. The numbers were ever-increasing until the pandemic hit, and today, the sector starves for quality workers.


Fieldale Farms, Gold Creek Foods, Mar-Jac Poultry, and Perdue Foods have been among the popular employers in Gainesville, Georgia. But, finding people now is becoming tough.


Automation innovations are to blame for some part of workforce reduction. But to run more sustainable operations, that human touch will always be at the fore. Therefore, there is still a call for qualified employees to join ASAP.


Whatis Happening Right Now?


Post-2020, economies have been all topsy-turvy. Unprecedented market surprises, a global pandemic, and extreme weather conditions drastically reduced the ability to operate at total capacity.


But even as things are opening up steadily, we are being faced with the labor shortage challenge.


Production lines and supply chains are hit badly. Operators have headed back home. The demand for meat and poultry is seeing a considerable surge. And the mission has changed from counting chickens to counting the workforce.


Although there are numerous poultry processing facilities in Gainesville, there aren’t enough workers to keep operations going.


The Industry Needs Workers – Are You Ready to Help?


The after-effects of the pandemic are affecting all industries, including poultry.


Not just Gainesville, surrounding areas including Braselton, Buford, Flowery Branch, Lula, Oakwood, and Winder are going through the staffing shortage crisis.


If you are a job seeker and poultry excites you, wait no more. Check out your nearest job openings, there’s more demand than you think, and companies are drawing in workers with better than before incentives.